Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mark Your Meat!!!

Quick little tip on freezing meat...

At one point I had a number of different kinds of meat portioned out and packaged in my freezer. Great!! I am prepared and ready to go! Yeahhhh..not so much! I didn't label them so after everything had frozen it was damn near impossible to tell what the fuck was what? Is this ground turkey sausage or ground beef? Who the fuck knows! It gave a new meaning to the term mystery meat. One thing that I do now is peal the label off the package and stick it on the bag/package that I'm throwing in the freezer. This way, not only do I know what it is but it has the nutritional value on there for a quick reference. If I don't do this I'll just write out what it is, the serving size I have portioned out and the date. I know...seems like common sense but since I totally fucked this up one time I just thought I'd share!

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